Tuesday, January 22, 2013


"Ghost signs" are found in cities and towns around the country and are the last vestiges of the hand painted billboards that were a major form of advertising in an era that predated TV and vinyl.  Time and weather, but mostly real estate shifts have made them increasingly rare. Here are a few found around the city.

                                Send a bouquet from Greenpoint

                              OK, this one was found in Beloit Wi. at my nieces graduation.

                                Syrup and figs in Greenpoint


                      Norge sign in Williamsburg where the clock stopped at 5:50 in (1950)?

                                Rooms to let with hot and cold water, near Times Square

                               This last wonderfully intact sign is in my neighborhood in
                                downtown Manhattan.  My guess, 1930's

                                 all photos ©Ken Brown