Monday, June 27, 2016


             The daily theater of the street with its constant merging of characters and 
           background continue to amuse and amaze.

           A special note of respect and admiration for Bill Cunningham, RIP.

All photos ©Ken Brown

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


       Iceland had been on our travel destination wish list for some time and 
       after a week long journey exploring this island nation that is defined by
       its dramatic landscape of geysers, glaciers, hot springs, volcanos and 
       waterfalls, we understand its current popularity. 

        One of the biggest attractions on the east coast was a dazzling array 
        of icebergs caught in a tidal lake. They are slowly melting and the 
        sounds of creaking bergs, crackling ice, and the occasional large 
        splash of a bigger than usual piece breaking off, remain as a most
        beautiful and haunting memory.

        In a landscape of many mysteries, there is a deep appreciation for 
       ghosts, elves, and trolls, (like the one on the left).

           This image from a small stream in a geo-thermal valley is indicative 
         of the colors and textures that changed daily as we moved into different
         topographical regions.
           The town of Geysir, or the place that gave us the word “geyser”,
            and a phalanx of tourists awaiting the next one, (every 4-5 minutes).

         Also in Geysir, a troll awaits tourists brave enough to take selfies 
in his chair.

                Fields of Lupine were in full blast everywhere and I couldn’t resist 
                the background hot dog wagon.

                 A sculpture melds with the landscape in the coastal town of Vik.

              Some of the local landscape along the southern coast consisted 
              of thousands of acres of ancient lava covered in dense moss.  
              It reminded me of sheep, also an abundant presence.

Ducks in a row in a glacial lagoon.

         Remnants of early homes and shelters are found along many 
coastal highways.

Briquettes of the gods…

An abandoned farmhouse on a west coast peninsula.

all photos ©Ken Brown

Monday, June 6, 2016


Whether it's the mating dances of tropical birds, unconscionably cute inter-           species cavorting, or skateboarding pugs, I’ve noticed for some while 
that the FB and Instagram streams are full of references to the animal kingdom. We love our fellow travelers and even in a dense pack urban environment we celebrate their presence on the planet.

all photos ©Ken Brown