Monday, February 25, 2013


In the ongoing celebration of hand painted signage around the city, here is a collection of dancing couples that completely covered a bus called "Party Shuffle" that was parked in my neighborhood  A little research on the artist's name led to "Franco the Great", known as "Harlem's Picasso". His career started with his artwork on store gates on 125th Street in Harlem in 1978 and has expanded throughout NYC. It can be found in schools, nurseries, nightclubs, and bars and he has travelled extensively painting murals in Europe, the Caribbean and in several African countries.

Time to put on those "high heel sneakers"....

                               all photos ©Ken Brown

Monday, February 18, 2013


As we all know, it's a device driven world, and as a photographer the distraction has made 
a great contribution to the harvest of a certain blend of candid street surrealism.

all photos ©Ken Brown

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Until this weekend there hadn't been any snow in NYC for two years and in honor of the somewhat modest blast we did receive, here is a small celebration of a favorite seasonal byproduct: snowmen and snow women.They have been part of the winter landscape in northern latitudes forever and it makes sense that  they would find their way onto some windows in downtown NYC.

                                 Two Boots Pizza, East Village

                                          The Bean, East Village

                                          Two Boots

                                                    all photos ©Ken Brown

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Recently I had occasion to shuffle through some pre-digital photo files ('87-2002) and found a few that passed the quirk ball test...

                               1998, on the Bowery

                   2000, "drill baby drill", side by side posters on my block, (intentional or not?)

                                                 2002, "phone sex"

                     all photos ©Ken Brown