Monday, May 25, 2015


Last week we had a chance for a week long trip to Berlin, a city that has been a source of curiosity and interest for a long time.

first photo...

Anne Frank amongst the many outsize murals and graffiti that
are a large presence in all of Berlin.

taking a break...

A portrait opportunity at the East Side Gallery, a long stretch
of the former Berlin Wall.

stencil stuff

the big question...

a hooded crow takes off from a fence loaded with posters 
advertising a very active club scene...

a lonely Kiosk...

a back lot in one of the many squat buildings that are
scattered about several neighborhoods in central Berlin...

Need a back scratcher? A side trip to Berlin's really huge 
Sunday flea market...

A wall mural homage to the planes that participated in the Berlin
Airlift (1948-49)

                                 This portrait of Khaled Mohamed Said, painted on panels from
                                 the former Berlin Wall, celebrates the young Egyptian activist
                                 whose death in police custody was an important inspiration
                                 during the Arab Spring movement.

                                 "We are all Khaled Said"

                                    all photos ©Ken Brown

Monday, May 11, 2015


Here's a small handful of the 8 million plus fellow citizens who call this quaint burg  home.

                     Rolando Politi is the creator and curator of the recycled sculptures
                     that adorn the fence surrounding a corner park on E. 9th Street in 
                     the East Village.

"Heartman" was caught mid stride covering a swath of 
downtown street with hearts.

"La Mas Sexy" on the Lower East Side...

 a hula hoop performer in Union Square... 

                                           I thought I had seen every kind of urban conveyance until Patrick Dube
                                            sailed by in a battery powered self balancing single wheel vehicle.

                                           Tina Trachtenburg has handcrafted several flocks of pigeons along with 
                                           pieces of pizza and the occasional cardinal.  
                                           She sets up in Union Square and several other parks around town and t's 
                                           wonderful to witness the public interaction with a large number of
                                           uncharacteristically quiet birds.

                                 Tina Trachtenburg, <motherpigeon.com>

                                              all photos ©Ken Brown

Monday, May 4, 2015


                                           Uncle Rodney's reverie …