Monday, January 29, 2018


     We were most fortunate to take a trip to Cartagena, Colombia recently. This ancient (1533) port city on the Caribbean coast has the bonus points of beautiful Spanish colonial architecture, crumbling edges, culture, color and a tropical climate.

          Gabriel Garcia Marquez, local and notable hero celebrated on a wall in   Gethsemane, a neighborhood with lots of street art, cafes and night life.

Streetart in Gethsemane

Levitating in one of the many public squares.

                 Extensive coral block walls surrounded and fortified the old city 
in the sixteenth century.

Local street market

   While walking home through a neighborhood park, we noticed 
     a group of people staring up into the branches. We looked up 
       and noticed the subject of the gaze fest was a three toed sloth, 
slowly nibbling leaves with a newborn baby hanging on.

Fishermen working their hand toss nets on a river just north of the city,

 I got to satisfy my obsession with hand painted signs and a boat trip through 
a labyrinth of mangrove swamps.

Iguanas were a familiar presence along rural pathways.

It was after Christmas, and Santa was hanging on.

Victor Nunez, a local hero was represented in this carved trunk
by Tomas Castro.

 Palenque women, fruit vendors, and a colorful presence in 
the markets everywhere.   

all photos ©Ken Brown

Monday, January 22, 2018


     This past weekend, hundreds of thousands of people throughout the country joined the Women's    March 2018 and gave a sense of strength, solidarity and sustenance to a movement that grows by the moment.  Here is a small selection from the oceans of artwork that appeared in spontaneous fashion throughout the day.

                              all photos ©Ken Brown

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


                                 A modest gathering of end of the year oddball items...


the ecstasy of 99 cent land

subway peelings

serpent side street

say ahhhh

water the garden

all photos ©Ken Brown


             Welcome to 2018, and with this first dip into the new year, I return to a favorite
             subject, people taking pictures of people.

all photos ©Ken Brown