Monday, May 21, 2018


 "Art in trash", is a recent addition to a longstanding fascination with the compositions that     occur with the things we throw away.

robot piƱata

after the ball...

Chinese New Year

post Christmas

twister party

hangin' out...

under the overpass

mystery metal

Little Billy outgrew his custom cruiser

Frosty takes a nap...

all photos ©Ken Brown

Saturday, May 19, 2018


I've always loved street fashion and the free expression of self and style that it embodies.
In the general chaos of the urban scrum with its blanket of conformity, these people bring sparks of color and creativity and are a welcome and much appreciated presence.

Racine from Bushwick  

Friends on the corner of 2nd ave and Houston in the East Village

Pink suit and new do in the East Village

I met this man in Williamsburg and learned that
he made his overcoat with recycled fabrics...

stylin' in Soho

I met Nicholas from Athens in the East Village and
learned his printed pants, Peruvian shawl and knit
hat, all came from discount bins at local stores.

Psychedelic flashback in Washington Square.

I met Caroline on Canal St as she was returning from
the Chinese New Year festivities.

Ronnie is a rap star and he i posing here with 
his girl friend on a side street in Tribeca.

I met this colorful young woman at an opening
in Soho. 

all photos ©Ken Brown

Monday, May 7, 2018


It was a gorgeous early Summer day last Tuesday and a favorite beach combing destination was calling.

Once a landfill and dump in the early 20th century, the remnants today are a study in beautiful decay, always rich with the odd juxtaposition of natural beauty and the imprint of a post industrial world.

The durability of plastic is always evident

The Empire State or (the state of the empire)

Once a snazzy whitewall cruiser on the streets of Brooklyn

Linoleum fragments are frequent finds.

Saddle up on a beach sculpture

a bit of graft on a beached boat

Fishing nets and fabric in a grand scale entanglement...

bottles and rusting metal

once an active tricycle,,,

down at the Dead Horse yacht club...

Yacht decor

The Crackerjack Kid sells his wares while embedded in a mysterious
piece of beach flotsam.

all photos ©Ken Brown

Monday, April 30, 2018


In my daily accumulation of photographs, there are many that never fit neatly into the  
many categories I've set up. These usually find their way into the "quirkball" drawer, .

Sorry I'm late ...got held up

Christina's condo...

Pepperoni to go...

spitting image...


sad fish

flea market Popeye

 NYC., where giant spikey lizards scramble up skyscrapers...

all photos ©Ken Brown

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


 Everyone has something to say. From aphorisms, advice, love, poetry, platitudes, politics or pithy pronouncements, they all seem to find space on urban walls, I've been documenting them for a long time and this small batch is from the past year.

all photos ©Ken Brown