Monday, October 1, 2018


Last week, we were fortunate to spend some time exploring Detroit, a vigorous, spirited, and historic city, seeped in our collective memory for its automobiles and music.
With an abundance of world class street  murals, some great vintage hand painted signs, and an array of local artists creating art installations and environments, all of my image gathering buttons were pressed.
These are a small taste of this art filled city, and to reconcile my enthusiastic documentation with more than the quick dozen I usually allow, I will post part 2 next week.

on the road to Motown

One of many murals in the Eastern Market neighborhood

Eastern market mural

Bee Bopper, hardware store logo

                     Lincoln Street Art Park, one of many vacant industrial areas being
transformed by local artists with an evolving slew of installations.

Lincoln Street Art park

Lincoln Street Art Park

Aretha mural

Lincoln Street Art Park

street mural

the Heidelberg Project, started by Tyree Guyton, an urban environmental artist,
transforming his East Detroit neighborhood into a living indoor/outdoor gallery.

A poignant side 
street mural

all photos ©Ken Brown 2018

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