Monday, January 30, 2017


                       This is a small part  of a series I call, “fellow citizens”. 

                    Tina Trachtenburgh (Mother Pigeon) and her daughter. 
                    She is an artist and animal rights activist, and her daughter 
                    is a model/musician.

                 This man has been painting his own future fantasy visions of 
                  NYC in a pleine aire style because he likes the interaction of 
                  the street.

                    This young couple was visiting from Buenos Aires and
                     were checking to see if the East Village was still hip.

Gymnasts in Washington Sq

Reflection check in Soho

AndrewAndrew with identical attire and names in a small park in Nolita.

              Stepping out of a friend’s store recently, I heard a mini ruckus 
              on the fire escape above and soon realized that the smoke 
              emanating was from dry ice and a fan.

                all photos ©Ken Brown

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