Monday, September 26, 2016


           Last March I posted a collection of painted over posters in what 
           I thought might be a brief skirmish in the turf wars on the poster 
           walls of the city. Not so, the greening continues and the strange 
           subliminal forces of imagery seeping through, provide a bizarre 
           and unintended art of its own.

                                Bernie posters

                                the first of the, "let's just paint over the faces" ...

                                Robert Janz works a wall on Green St

                                designer glass...

green or not, still un pendejo, (Spanish slang for asshole)

the kooples get a makeover

almost  arty, two posters that once said, "forever"

kids with  chalk discover a new canvas...

                                          I ZEE YOU!

                                 All photos ©Ken Brown

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