Monday, February 29, 2016


Here are some brief impressions from a short trip to DC.last weekend. Besides
the ongoing political fray that passes as the primary industry, it is also a city 
with a well deserved reputation as a museum destination, We filled up...

                        A restaurant wall in the Adams Morgan neighborhood.

                        A street art reference to the large number of canine 
                         sniff squads that are out and about, (for your safety).

                        The Renwick had a show called “Wonder”, a favorite 
                         noun for all seasons. This was a small part of a room 
                         installation full of collages made from exotic beetles.

                        This anti-nuclear peace vigil, across the street from the
                        White House, was started in 1981. Concepcion Picciotto, 
                        who maintained the vigil, which is believed to be the 
                        longest-running political protest in U.S. history, died on 
                       January 25, 2016.

                     Mr Hopper at the Smithsonian, one of our premier national 
                     museums with a stellar collection of American art masterpieces.

                  Our friend Alec, brought us on a short tour of the FDR memorial.
                    For me, he still ranks, near the top of the various individuals who have occupied the presidential slot.

                      A stand in presidential limo was just finishing a film sequence
                      for an upcoming episode for “House of Cards”.

and a last misty view over the tidal basin…

All photos ©Ken Brown