Monday, July 14, 2014


                               Street pix and a few of the stories that go with them…

                                           A small group was taking pictures of elephants in Madison Square Park. 
                                           They said it was for a going away party for their boss and the theme was,
                                           "thanks for the memories, don't forget us".

                            These people were shooting some scenes for an independent
                            film under the Pulaski Bridge in Brooklyn. The theme had to do 
                            with clown phobia and they asked if I might do an ad hoc scene
                            of being chased on my bike by the clown. Why not?

                           These lucky mice got a vacation week B and B with this high 
                            school student in Chelsea.

                   On rare occasions I will miss a photo and ask the subject if they would 
                   mind being spontaneous all over again.  When I asked this young man 
                   and his friends what the excitement was about, they said he was in the 
                   army and was shipping out to Korea the next morning. They were head-
                   ing to Williamsburg to meet friends and hang together.

                            This couple posed for wedding pix under the subway tracks on a dead end street next 
                            to the former 5 Pointz building in Long Island City, Queens. 

                             City kids, have always invented their own amusements and these kids were having way too 
                       much fun taking turns as passengers and runners on a side street incline in Welling Court, Queens.

all photos gKen Brown