Monday, June 3, 2013


I know it sounds like something from the Discovery Channel, but a truly remarkable event takes place each year when a 460 million year mating ritual is enacted on the beaches of New York City during a full moon high tide.  Thousands of Horseshoe crabs gather in a number of coves and inlets along the city coastline to partake in a beach party with ancient

"You come here often?"

Lisa Crafts, (my wife) is filming some of this extraordinary event for part of an installation...

Over 90,000 eggs are laid and an average of ten will make it to maturity.

Local seabirds go into a frenzy...

                                              average life expectancy is around 30-35 years, at least for the fraction of
                                              a percent that manage to migrate from shore to sea...

                                            It is amazing to observe these absolutely ancient creatures, often encrusted 
                                           with barnacles, as they lay their eggs  and slowly shovel past the flotsam of 
                                           our time and return to the sea,

a Sea Robin...

all photos ©Ken Brown