Monday, October 22, 2012


Halloween is definitely one of our favorite national holidays, and, judging by the acres of faux spider webs and plastic paraphernalia dangling from porches, it is also an important economic engine in these scary times.

                                scary claws in the East Village

                                          stirring spaghetti sauce in Little Italy

the garden spiders are back...again.

speaking of spiders, Tribeca has a few

Gary Leib's Halloween window at Desert Island, Williamsburg

Patricia Field in Noho 

hanging out at the "Java Maintenance Clinic", better known as
the 1st Ave Bean in the East Village

ghosts escape at "the Bean"

patrons seem unperturbed by rampaging skeletons as
they focus on more important matters...

This elaborate "heebie-jeebie hollow" fright set was constructed
in the front yard of a house in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn. It has some
animated figures and I'm told that on Halloween, they have live actors
on set. The grandfather told me there were thousands of visitors last 
year and he had handed out some serious tonnage of candy.

more from "Heebie-jeebie Hollow"

all photos ©Ken Brown