Monday, September 19, 2011


There is a yard on the corner of Bedford and 1st in Williamsburg Brooklyn that has amused me, and I'm sure many others, for years.

The lot is fenced off, and at first viewing, it appears to be the remnants of a particularly boisterous yard sale. On subsequent visits, I noticed that the cast of characters was changing and new figures were being added. Also, I noticed that they would often be relocated and costume changes were not infrequent.  This modest corner lot had become an ongoing installation space created largely from cast off items and curated with artful theatricality by an elderly local woman named Carmen.

Thank you, Carmen.


MAY 2010 Coco the gorilla is introduced

JULY 2010 Coco at work with a new menagerie keeping him company

OCTOBER 2010 a tender moment as George/Spiderman comforts a cow

FEBRUARY 2011 waiting out the Winter

APRIL 2011 George and his lizard buddy

MAY 2011 Springtime

JUNE 2011 a mini monster truck

JULY 2011 a family moment

JULY 29th 2011  a note from Carmen to friends and photographers

all photos ©Ken Brown

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