Wednesday, March 31, 2010


April 1st fast approaches, and I thought it might be nice to celebrate with this small selection of turn of the century French fantasy postcards that celebrate "Poisson d'Avril", the equivalent of April 1st
or April Fools day.

Many cultures throughout history have celebrated Spring with a sense of relief, release and frivolity and though the true origin of this holiday remains a little murky, the general theory is that it came with the French change to the Gregorian calendar ordered by King Charles IX in 1582. Before the calendar shift to January 1, people had celebrated the New Year on or around April 1st, following the Spring equinox. In the days before instant news and email, many were left out and or didn't get with the program and were referred to as "April Fish". They were often on the receiving end of hoaxes and pranks and thus came the beginnings of April Fools.

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